10 Funniest Text Conversations You’ll Read Today

How often do you text you friends, family, relatives? Quite often right? Do you have a sense of humor while texting someone?

I’m pretty sure that after reading these funny text conversations, your sense of humor will evolve a bit:

1. Nice trick to remember the names of movies..wait..

Got something named after Mangoes fellas?

2. Why don’t you get it? This is a pup!

You asked for it. Poor thing cant write his name. He sent you his pic instead.

3. It’s always about the blanket!

You’re goddamn right Dave. It was about the blanket you freak!

4. An hour. That’s what he needs

Kate, an hour means an hour. Why don’t you get this?

5. Cooking Tutorials – On Chat

Just tell her how to make chicken and get over with this.

6. Virtual blanket for a reason

She needs a special virtual care. You need to talk to her within parenthesis otherwise she won’t feel comfortable.


So, what was that again? Yeah, Lightly Fried Fish Fillets..There you go..

8. As long as it’s Disney, it’s fine!

How to give your child a mild heart attack?

9. Mom! Watch what you’re typing!

Child be like, “Whatever mom, don’t message me ever again. Just call me!”

10. Don’t ever do that to a guy!

Break up with her now. NOW!

Hope you enjoyed reading these funny phone conversations. More are coming in next posts..Stay tuned!