10 Pros and Cons of Consuming Goat Milk

With all the different milk varieties out there, it can be confusing to decide which one is better. While some might argue that animal based milk products are not healthy for humans, others believe that plant based dairy beverages are far less healthy.

While reports continue to argue the necessity of drinking cow’s milk, other alternatives such as sheep and goats milk are becoming more popular animal based alternatives. Goat based dairy products have many benefits with only a few cons. The benefits of drinking goats milk include:

1. Nutritional Benefits

Goat based dairy beverages are high in many essential nutrients including Vitamins A, E, K, and some B complexes. It is also high in calcium, protein, and essential amino acids such as Tryptophan which is essential for protein synthesis and the production of serotonin, a hormone that promotes feelings of calm, sleepiness and relaxation.

2. Similar to Human Milk

Goat’s milk is a natural animal based product that is the most like person produced milk. The biological structure of the product closely resembles the biological structure of human breast milk.

3. Easier to Digest

A billy’s dairy product has smaller protein molecules, is slightly alkaline, and contains less lactose, so it is much easier to digest. For people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, billy goat milk is gentler on the stomach than other products, so it is the more favourable brand.

4. Less Inflammatory

Some dairy beverages produce inflammation in the intestinal tract. Because of its high fatty acid content and low lactose levels, kid’s milk produces less inflammatory side effects in the digestive organs.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Billy the kid’s milk is not as highly mass produced as other drinks so it is less harmful to the environment.

There are many pros to consuming products made from the goat milk formula. But, like anything, there are also some cons. They are:

6. Odour and Taste

When it comes to taste, this product is not for everyone. It has a very unusual musky, sweet, salty taste that some consumers find very distasteful. It also has a very strong odour, which often makes it difficult to ingest.

7. Caloric Intake

Billy goat milk has more calories than other similar beverages such as cow, soy, rice, hemp, or almond milk. Calorie counters should look at the labels for all similar products before choosing their beverage.

8. Low In Folic Acid and Other Nutrients

Goat made products have less iron than other dairy brand foods. For those with an iron deficiency, they cannot supplement their folic acid intake through goat beverage consumption. While it is high in some B complex vitamins, it is low in others. It also has less zinc and other needed nutrients.

9. Not Good For Babies

Human milk is by far, the best dairy product to feed to a baby. But when an adult cannot supply the infant with human milk, they often supplement with other dairy products. Goats milk has higher protein and fatty acid levels which can be harmful to babies.

10. Availability

Billy milk products are not mass produced like other dairy beverages, therefore they are more difficult to find and, as a result, can also be more expensive than other products.

Today, many people are looking for alternative dairy products as part of a healthier, environmentally friendlier lifestyle. Goats milk has become a more desired option than other products on the market. But, like any food source, there are pro’s and cons to consuming the product. Knowing these will help you make the best decisions for a healthy lifestyle.