5 Branding Tips To Help Expand Your Business

Everything from your slogan to your logo influences how people perceive your brand. Having a memorable name, strong message and positive reviews makes marketing and gaining new clients easier for your business. Consulting with a trademark lawyer is also a part of protecting yourself in the branding process. Check out the following five tips that will help your company with its branding efforts.

1. Use Testimonials To Confirm Your Branding Message

In our digital society, people value transparency over everything. If you can help your target audience get what they want, you can also get them to leave an honest review of your company. When you find ways to improve people’s lives genuinely, they’ll be more than happy to share their experience with your company with the world. Testimonials help your company stand out and makes people take you seriously.

2. Always Lead Your Branding Efforts With Value

It’s easy to stand out if people enjoy what you have to offer. If you make people feel like they’re able to learn or grow from your brand, you’ll have more people coming back. Providing value to your target audience builds character and gives people a good sense of how your company is supposed to sound, act and feel.

Keep in mind; your brand isn’t necessarily what you say it is; it’s what your audience says it is. Your brand will always be evaluated by its actions and not your intentions. Providing value to your audience in the form of blog posts, videos and images is an actionable step you can take to execute your intent for your brand.

3. Understand Trademark Laws Before Making An Investment

Far too often, people dive head first into trademarking their brand without having a full understanding of what you can protect with a trademark. Consulting with a trademark lawyer is an excellent way to save yourself a ton of time, hassle and trial and error. A trademark lawyer will assess your brand and help you find what you can trademark.

In order for something to qualify for a trademark, it must be generic, descriptive and suggestive. There are more complicated factors that go into trademarking that a trademark lawyer will help you understand. Consulting with a trademark lawyer can help you make subtle adjustments that will make your brand eligible for trademark protection.

4. Find Out What’s Important To Your Audience And Help Them Get It

The best way to build connections with your audience is to help them get what they want. As mentioned earlier, your brand perception is based on the actions your company’s take. If you’re perceived to help your audience get what they want, your brand’s strength and reputation will only continue to grow.

Creating participation from your audience is crucial to the growth of your brand. Everything your company produces needs to mean something to your audience and shouldn’t be a frivolous attempt to get their money. If you lead with value in your actions, branding becomes a much more natural task.

5. Establish Consistency

One of the most frequent errors businesses make with branding is failing to establish consistency. Your branding message will lose it’s power if people are exposed to different variations of your brand. You may have products or ventures fail, but your branding should remain stable.

When done correctly, your brand becomes your businesses most stable asset. Your overall marketing ideas and strategies need to be inline with the characteristics that make up your brand. The values that make up your brand need to be central in your decision-making process.