5 Common Pest Control Misconceptions

Pests are disgusting. They bring diseases, spoil your food and in general, cause a lot of trouble. This is the reason, pest control is a priority for most people. However, there are some common misconceptions associated with the ways to keep the pests population in check. Here’s a list of some of the common pest control misconceptions to help you make better decisions and enable you to prevent pests from overtaking your home.

1.  A Few Pests Are Okay

Most people do not believe they are dealing with a pest infestation problem until they see a huge number of pests with their own eyes. If they see a cockroach or two, here and there, they don’t think that there is a problem but you should never make this mistake. An occasional sighting does not mean that you’re not dealing with a pest problem. It is important to act immediately to keep the pest population in check. You may find more info at Quality Affordable Pest Control if you are looking for additional resources.

2. DIY Is As Good As Professional

Another common misconception is that DIY pest control techniques are as effective as those employed by professionals. While some DIY techniques work but most people are not aware of the fact that they do not have access to some powerful pesticides that require careful handling and training. Also, professional pest control usually involves several rounds of treatment. It’s not a one-time thing.

Multiple treatments are done to make sure that pests never come back to your home. On the other hand, DIY techniques often push the pests into areas where they are not visible for some time. But they keep multiplying in dark corners and after some time, they come back in greater numbers. Therefore, always call in a professional to deal with pest infestation.

3. My House Is Clean – I Don’t Need Pest Control

You take cleaning seriously and your kitchen always looks immaculate. You clean up immediately after working in your kitchen and you also make sure there are no food debris lying around. You believe that cleaning your house is enough to keep pests at bay. Keeping your house clean is definitely an effective way to prevent pest infestation but it does not mean that you have a pest free house. Pests have a way of finding food. Those old newspapers, old clothes and toys offer plenty of food options to insects. A clean house doesn’t always mean pest-free.

4. There Is No Difference in Pest Control Companies

All pest control companies are not the same. While licensing is required by all companies to operate but different companies have different competences. Therefore, it is important for you to check the experience and competency of a particular company to ensure they are the right choice for dealing with the kind of pest control problem you are facing.

5. Insecticides Used by Professionals Should Have Strong Odor

It is, perhaps, one of the most common misconceptions as there was a time when all the pesticides made the house smell like a chemical plant. Thankfully, companies have worked hard on improving their formulas and these days, many highly effective but low-odor products are easily available in the market. Therefore, do not think that low odor chemicals used by a professional are not effective.