5 Different Characteristics of Fire Sleeves

Electronics definitely make people’s lives a lot easier but in order for them to operate the components that drive them need to be kept safe from things like dirt, debris, and extreme temperatures. In order to achieve this, many manufacturers of electronics have turned to fire sleeve to protect important wires. Below are reasons to use it and ways that it will benefit the electronics that they power.

1. Highly flexible

Fire sleeve is made from highly flexible material to provide a flexible cover for all your electrical components. The silicone and rubber knitting used in the manufacturing process makes it a perfect fit for all shapes. You can also use them on electrical components of different size and width. Whatever the shape of your electrical component, you will not have to worry about searching for a protective covering that fits.

Fire sleeve is expandable to ensure you can fit as many wires as possible. This is especially important in an electrical device with limited space as you can wrap multiple wires in a safe manner.

2. Offers protection against high temperatures

Fire sleeve can protect your cables and appliances that enclose them even at a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius. This can prevent burns and accidents when handling electrical components that experience high temperatures.

Fire sleeve is also made from glass fibre yarn and are coated with silicone rubber. This makes fire sleeve self-extinguishing as the rubber reacts with flames to form a protective layer of silicon oxide. As a result, your electrical components do not emit much heat thereby preventing fires from starting and subsequently spreading.

3. Reduced energy loss

Energy is always lost or dissipated as it moves from one medium to another. Fire sleeve can help reduce this energy loss when used on electrical components. This is because the inner side reflects a majority of the heat, making sure energy is retained within components. Reflection of heat will ensure that minimal energy is lost.

The outer layer of fire sleeve is non-conductive which ensures no energy is lost to the environment. This improvement in efficiency as a result of using fire sleeves on electrical components ensures less power is used and this leads to a reduction in utility bills.

4. Good abrasion resistance

Almost all cables and electronics come with a thin covering called a jacket. This jacket can be easily damaged since it is thin and weak. Fire sleeve protects cables from being damaged as it adds another protective layer to them. Abrasion to cables can occur if they are moved along a rough surface while working or come into contact with one another.

Fire sleeves is also self-warping. This means that you can move your wires around corners and tuck them away from areas where people may interfere with them. In doing so, there is minimal contact with people as they move, therefore preventing abrasion. Electrical components like cables can be damaged when heavy objects are placed on top of them for an extended period of time. This can lead to failure of electrical equipment in the long run and replacing it can be very expensive. Fire sleeve is durable and can prevent frequent damages thereby allowing you to save on the cost of repair and replacement

5. Safety

Bare or damaged wires can cause electrical shocks when people come into contact with them. Using fire sleeve on wires will help protect people from shocks. This is because fire sleeve is a non-conductor and it does not easily get damaged.

Fire sleeve is also resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuels, and oils. They, therefore, provide perfect protection against such substances that could cause damage.