5 Guidelines When You’re Creating An App

Turning your idea into an app can be a complicated process if you’re not careful. Working with an app creation company is an excellent way to bring your idea to fruition. However, it’s not as simple as hiring a team of developers and then stepping back. Here are five crucial items you need to keep in mind when creating an app!

1. Functionality Always Outweighs Design

No matter how good your app looks, people will forget about it if it’s hard to use. Even if you have an amazing idea, the idea is only as good as your execution. Working with an app creation company allows you to work with experts who can take your abstract concepts and translate them into a usable user interface. Successful apps are intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use.

There are thousands of scheduling/calendar apps available, the user interface and functionality is always what sets them apart. It’s easy to get carried away with your vision, so always keep functionality in mind.

2. Don’t Let Being Unable To “Speak Code” Hold You Back

When you work with an app creation company, you don’t need to know how to “speak code.” Good developers can take your ideas and expectations for the apps and bring them to life on the technical side. People who speak code tend to get themselves mired down in the technical issues that arise during development.

Chances are if you’re looking to build an app for your business you already have a ton of responsibilities on your plate that you can’t neglect. App creation companies make it easy for you to stick with what you’re best at and leave the technicalities to the experts.

3. Quality And Speed Are Inversely Related

When it comes to getting your app to market, it always seems like there’s a giant clock counting down the minutes. When it comes to app development, it’s important to remember quality work takes time. There are a ton of companies out there who will promise you a fully completed app in two weeks, but chances are you won’t be happy with the results. Simply testing and refining your app is going to take up a huge chunk of time.

The more elaborate your idea, the longer the process is going to take. Staying patient is going to get your app the best results. If you decide to push ahead with a subpar product, you’ll end up paying for it in costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and other easily avoidable problems.

4. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Platform

If you’re new to the app building world, you might make the mistake of thinking your app can serve all platforms without any changes. However, each platform (Android, Apple, Windows) has their own app store and own standards for what makes a successful app. An app that looks great on Android isn’t necessarily going to look great on systems that run iOS. Before starting your project, get clear on which platform you want to attack first. Attacking all platforms at the same time is a sure fire way to overwhelming your development team.

5. Hold Out For An App Developer That You Work Well With

If there’s friction between you and your app developer, the project isn’t likely to succeed. Communication is a crucial part of a successful relationship between you and your developer. The people you work with to develop your app need to understand your ideas and translate them into code. Another essential part of teamwork is you need to be able to provide feedback to help your developer refine the project.

Any app creation company that you decide to work with should have stellar communication skills. New apps should have at least weekly status calls and regular contact points. When vetting app creation companies, take particular note of how they approach communications.