6 Legal Actions & Consequences of a Car Collision

Injuries from a car accident cause all kinds of questions to arise. It’s incredibly simple to get overwhelmed from dealing with financial issues arising from the accident in addition to your injuries. A car accident lawyer is a trained professional who can help you make the best out of a bad situation. Here are three things a car accident can do for you and some tips on when to contact a car accident lawyer.

1. Analyze Evidence And Find The Best Way To Present Your Case

Having a car accident lawyer on your side is essential to winning your case. Your lawyer is there to help assert your rights and protect you from common pitfalls in the car accident litigation process. One of the key functions a car accident lawyer will perform is communicating with the adjuster from the insurance company. Although adjusters may seem friendly, all it takes is for you to make one wrong statement and your claim is blown.

Having a car accident lawyer is also important because they ensure you fully understand the options available to you. Your lawyer will explain the rights you have available to you and how to apply them to your current situation. Your lawyer will analyze the law, your rights, and the car accident to get you the maximum amount of compensation.  

2. They Will Consult With Experts About Your Case

Experts are excellent resources when it comes to proving your side of the story in court. Car accident lawyers already have contacts with forensics specialists who can testify based on evidence from the crash. Having a lawyer who can search for knowledgeable and qualified experts to speak on your behalf is an excellent way to strengthen your case.

When it comes to car accidents, it’s common for your lawyer to consult with medical and life care planning experts. These experts can analyze your injuries and testify how much your life will be impacted to the court. Again, an expert testimony plays a critical role in your lawyer helping you receive a large settlement. 

3. Your Lawyer Will Handle The Legwork

Dealing with all the legal paperwork and regulations is a near impossible task, especially if you’re suffering from severe injuries. Car accidents lawyers have the experience and knowledge to gather the necessary evidence, medical records and employment information to help build your case. Your lawyer will also organize and distill the evidence into a compelling argument to present to the court. 

4. If You’re Seriously Injured

Serious injuries require an immediate consultation with a lawyer. If your ability to work and provide for your family is affected, it’s crucial you get a lawyer to fight for the proper compensation. Serious injuries usually cause medical bills to pile up quickly; it’s important to get a car accident lawyer who understands the severity of the costs involved in a serious injury.

5. If The Adjuster Is Asking You To Provide Evidence For Your Claim

As mentioned earlier, divulging certain information to an adjuster can have disastrous effects on your case. Make sure you discuss your case with your lawyer before speaking with an adjuster. The adjuster may ask you to provide certain documents or settle your claim with a structured settlement. It’s vital you review your options with a lawyer to ensure you make the right decision.

6. If You’re Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed, a salesperson or a consultant it may be difficult to prove loss of income to the court. In this situation, it’s imperative to get a lawyer on your side who can convincingly demonstrate to the court the damages you’ve suffered. Car accident lawyers are experienced in proving lost wages for contractors and entrepreneurs.

If your accident isn’t a clear-cut case, make sure you consult your lawyer before speaking to the insurance companies. Consulting with a lawyer helps you avoid making statements that may be damaging to your claim. Car accident lawyers have a ton of tools at their disposal to ensure you’re properly compensated for your accident. If you’re seriously injured, don’t hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible!