7 Greatest Lunch Catering Ideas That Taste Delicious

Catering a lunch – or having lunch catered for you – may not be as labor intensive as a dinner party but it does come with its own unique challenges. Often, a catered lunch will be on a bit of a stricter time schedule because of work and other important events going on in guests’ lives. While catering lunch, it’s important to serve delicious, lunch-appropriate food in a timely manner.

However, even though lunch isn’t (usually) as luxurious as a dinner, you still need to put your best foot forward by having elegant dishes that look great and taste even better. In this blog post, we’ll look at the seven greatest lunch catering ideas. We hope at least a couple of them will spark your interest!

1. Sushi

There are few things more classy than some good quality sushi. Poor sushi is usually execrable but the really good stuff makes spending some extra money worthwhile. While you could definitely have sushi prepared ahead of time and simply serve it once at the catering location, there is something to be said for bringing a sushi chef with you (if it’s on the budget). When your clients are able to watch their food being prepared, it leaves them with the memory of a unique experience – and they’ll love it.

Just make sure you check with your clients to see whether anyone has seafood allergies or other dietary needs. (If that’s the case than make sure some vegetarian/vegan sushi is on the menu. It may not be a bad idea to include some as a matter of course too.)

2. Salads

It’s hard to go wrong with delicious, healthy salads. Even if you have some clients who dislike vegetables and greens in general, you’ll often be able to find at least one type of salad that they enjoy. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to salads, so you’ll probably want to consult with your client to figure out exactly what type of salads they want on the menu.

For these lunch catering ideas, try picking a theme, perhaps – Greek or garden, meat-heavy salads or wholly vegetarian options. By providing a range of options for your client, they won’t feel pressured to choose a salad they might not fully enjoy.

3. Pizza

If pizza seems a little low-brow for a catered meal, think again! These days, pizzas can literally be whatever you want them to be – and there are plenty of delicious, gourmet options for any serious connoisseur. These range from vegetarian to vegan, from dessert pizzas to truffle-laden choices.

When pitching the idea of a pizza lunch to a client, make sure to stress that pizza isn’t limited to cheese and pepperoni anymore. Assure them that you can deliver on your biggest promises – and then make it happen! Everyone loves pizza, so this lunch will be a big hit with guests (and your client, as long as you fulfill his or her specifications).

4. Grilled cheese and other melts

As we’ve hinted at before, lunch catering choices don’t have to be complicated – they just have to be comforting and tasty. And how could you go wrong with grilled cheese? Let us stress, however, that when we talk about grilled cheese, we aren’t talking about some processed cheese slapped between two slices of cheap, white bread.

No, we’re talking about delicious, unique cheeses and deliciously healthy bread and whatever people want on the inside – whether it’s onions, peppers, sausage…anything. Warm sandwiches with gooey cheese melting everywhere are a huge favorite with so many people – and that makes them an easy lunch catering choice.

5. Rotisserie meats

Granted, this lunch catering ideas are probably not the best choice for any vegetarian or vegan guests (this means that you’ll most likely have to provide a second dish for your client). But rotisserie meats – like chicken, turkey, ham, or even hotdogs – provide a satisfying meal. Pair with rolls, vegetables (raw or cooked), and a drink of your client’s choice.

6. Tacos

Tacos are an amazingly delicious dish and they are also relatively easy to put together and serve to guests. Again, speak with your client about exactly what they’d like to have in their tacos. There are the typical baseline foods – cheese, lettuce, meat – but there are also near-endless variations on the theme. Make sure to pack extra napkins in your catering truck. Tacos, after all, are known for being messy. Delicious, yes, but messy!

7. BBQ

Barbecued meats and vegetables might not be everyone’s first choice for a catered lunch, but BBQ can actually be an inspired choice for your midday meal. First of all, it’s mouthwateringly good. And secondly, it can provide a bit of nostalgia and hints of home to everyone who joins your client for lunch. Meals are supposed to be one of the best times for bonding – and few things say home and comfort and friendship than some good BBQ.