8 Benefits of Raw Diet For Dogs

Are you tired of the proceeded dog food, full of ingredients you can pronounce? While dog food manufacturers make food your dog can survive on, it’s time to switch to a raw diet if you want them to thrive.

The benefits of a raw diet for your dog are tremendous, improving your animal’s health in different ways. A raw diet can improve immune system, joint health, and provide other advantages. Find a high-quality supplier of raw food and your canine friend can thrive for years to come.

Is raw food good for my pet? You bet it is. Here are eight benefits of a raw diet for your dog.

Benefit #1: A raw diet is naturally digestible.

Manufactured dog food is full of fillers, preservatives and additives, whether crumble or canned and synthetic vitamins are added after the processing. That isn’t how to properly absorb all the vitamins and minerals.

In its raw state, dog food is easily digestible, and all the nutrients are readily available to their bodies. Your dog’s body is designed to break down proteins fast because of their short digestive tract, and refined ingredients from commercial dog food strain their system.

Benefit #2: A raw diet boosts the dog’s immune system.

Raw dog food supports gut health in your animal, and their internal functions work much better on the diet that nature intended. Healthy, bio-available ingredients are easily absorbed, and abundant vitamins and minerals promote your pet’s repair, growth and development. Most of their immune system lives in the gut, so their function is vastly increased on a raw diet.

Immune-boosting ingredients include:

  • Meat: This is digestible protein and essential fat, loaded with micro-nutrients.
  • Fruits & Veggies: You get a complete array of vitamins and minerals with various superfoods, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients.

Benefit #3: A raw diet improves joint and bone health.

How can you best support the bones in your dog? With other bones full of nutrients. Raw dog food has crushed bones in it. They are packed with calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, and phosphorus to help the skeletal system regenerate and adapt. Arthritis hits one out of four dogs, and a raw food diet is an effective way to combat it.

Benefit #4: A raw diet is healthier for their skin and coat.

The largest organ on your dog is the skin, which needs all the vitamins and nutrients it can get. Raw dog food contains active enzymes to break down nutrients and absorb protein, fats and starches, so they get easily to the skin. This fights against dry skin and dandruff while their hair sheds less.

Other ingredients in raw food include chia and flax seeds, salmon, which has essential omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a soft coat. Their anti-inflammatory properties also aid with allergies and skin irritations.

Benefit #5: A raw diet reduces stool volume and odour.

Dogs need a diet of high digestible ingredients so they can be absorbed quickly before leaving the body. Commercial food is full of carbs and other filler that digests slowly and doesn’t fully absorb, causing a higher volume of stool with a heavy odour.

Stools are also firmer, and your dog will have less flatulence with raw food because of their efficient digestive tract. Meat, organs and bone are the natural things your dog is meant to digest, and they easily break it down to be used as fuel, producing less waste.

Benefit #6: A raw diet keeps teeth cleaner.

Your dog’s chompers have to last their entire life. Unfortunately, three out of four pets develop dental disease before they turn three. Brushing your dog’s teeth is quite a chore, and it’s almost impossible to reach them, so why not feed your dog a diet that promotes teeth and gum health?

A rich diet in raw food helps your dog by keeping dental disease at bay with biting, chewing and tearing raw meats and bones. There also isn’t added sugar like in store-bought food that can create an environment for bacteria to thrive. Naturally occurring enzymes in raw food promote oral health, and giving your dog a raw, meaty bone helps to scrape away plaque and massage their gums.

Benefit #7: A raw diet increases their energy.

When your dog is fed their ancestral diet, they have more energy and vitality. Raw dog food lacks fillers, sugar and processed carbs that slow digestion, so your best friend is getting all the nutrients to effectively run their body at optimum levels. If you have recently switched to a raw diet for your dog, you will notice a dramatic shift in their energy.

Benefit #8: A raw diet reduces allergies.

Does your dog have allergies? This is an accumulation of intolerances that build up until their immune system can no longer handle the load. Poor gut health stresses the immune system, which can be traced to their diet.

Cereal grains like soy, wheat and corn are allergens that may negatively affect your dog, so it is vital to avoid these. A raw diet is nourishing and can help resolve conditions in the ears, nose, mouth and digestive tract and any mobility issues. Once the irritating food is removed, symptoms can clear up rapidly.