9 Ways for Staffing Agency Services Startups

The staffing market is quite competitive, making it difficult to find clients. Running a staffing agency requires you to pursue different opportunities. The information found on the Global Human Resource Centre website is useful to help you gain a better understanding. You can consider the following tips to stand out in the market.

1. Identify prospective clients

You need to know the people who would be interested in your services. You get to choose from different clients; volume buyers, general clients, and boutique buyers. Regular customers are individuals who require staffing services without specifications.

Volume clients include companies and firms that require extensive staffing services. The only downside with serving volume clients is that they settle for lower budgets, which is counter-effective. With boutique buyers, you will have to provide tailored services to meet specific needs temporarily.

2. Work with referrals

There is no better way for a staffing agency to excel than working with referrals. If you provide excellent and top-notch services, the chances of attracting more clients through referrals are quite significant. If you are starting, you could consider having special packages for referrals.

3. Create networks as much as you can

Networking is one of the best ways to attract clients to your agency. It works similarly with referrals –you get directly referred by your networks. Though networking may not be reliable for a starting agency, it pays off if you offer the services for a while.

4. Attend trade exhibitions

You can find prospective clients in trade exhibitions. You are likely to find ideas on how to operate your agency. Though trade exhibitions might be expensive, the payout is significant if you utilize the opportunity.

5. Use social media

Media platforms, such as Linkedin, have a unique way of creating connections and finding clients. You can contact a company and market your services (be cautious as you send your proposal. It will be best if you research the company before reaching out.

6. Think about cold calling and pitching

Cold calling is a challenge since you are unsure of the feedback from the potential client. Though it might be unsuccessful, this strategy could earn you clients that you couldn’t get elsewhere. Cold calling and pitching are relatively cheap –all you need is excellent marketing skills to convince and acquire clients.

7. Look for opportunities in the government and public offices

Most staffing agencies overlook the possibilities that could be found in governments. Many options are regularly posted seeking tenders with the relevant services. Securing a staffing service tender in a public office has its challenges, including the application process and competition from other applicants.

8. Have a follow-up process

When you contact a potential client, you should develop a habit of reaching him even when unsure about hiring your services. When you call, remind the person about your services. You can also schedule a physical meeting if need be.

9. Terms of payment

When you contact volume clients, they may settle for your services based on the flexibility of payment options. Government institutions might want to pay after a month or more –you should accommodate such possibilities. Even as you think of payment, it would be best to practice transparency regarding service rates –apply the same charges across the board.