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6 Essential Tips for Shipping Fragile Items

Shipping fragile items via mail that you have sold can be challenging in and of itself, never mind a situation where the product ends up being damaged en route. Following this guide will ensure your item is packaged appropriately and mailed successfully, the recipient is

7 Common Examples of Unethical Behavior in the Workplace

While unethical behavior may not be illegal, it has a detrimental effect on an organization and its employees. Unethical behavior at work can cost companies money and cause relationships between colleagues to deteriorate. Unethical behavior often occurs in workplaces that pay little to no attention

5 Tips to Get Your Staff to Fill Their Employee Timesheets

Digital or paper, it doesn’t matter. Despite the reminders, the memos, the encourage, your staff simply refuses to fill in their employee timesheets. Whether it is out of frustration or just sloth-like behaviour, your personnel are not getting in their timesheets, which then prompts them

5 Ways to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

It is never easy to go through bankruptcy, as it is something that would have caused a tremendous amount of stress over the previous years. Financial problems are one of the worst things to go through in life because it can drag on for years

6 Famous Symbols of Indian Culture

India – a mystical land, full of mystery and an unbelievable number of people! India is the second most populous country in the world (after China) with over one billion people! It is a country full of culture, tradition and history. India is a popular

How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Many industries in our general workforce are as multifaceted as you can get. For starters, science is a wide-ranging field, allowing many individuals to find a specific specialty. Others, such as real estate, can be just as varied so that a prospective professional can work

A Beginner’s Guide to Shred Tax Credits (SRED)

A shred tax credit is another name for SR&ED tax credits. SR&ED is the ultimate Canadian government tax credit to help support eligible expenses for R&D performed in Canada. Businesses of all sizes and industries may apply so long as the SR&ED criteria are fulfilled.

7 Negotiation Tactics for Car Loan Interest Rates

To most people, buying a car is a substantial investment they can hardly afford without a loan. It, therefore, makes sense to secure the most affordable loan with the best terms you can get. This involves negotiating with your lender before getting into a binding