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4 Tips to Sell Your Luxury Home for a Luxurious Price

Selling a luxury home is not an easy task but it doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult either. Preparation, organization and a little bit of research can help in a big way. Once sold, it can be very rewarding. Real estate agents are used to

9 Steps for How to Process Payroll

Working with an accountant or investing in an advanced payroll system are usually the best choices for how to process payroll. There are endless tax-related and administrative responsibilities that can make it feel like a dreary chore. You’re better off spending time focusing on growing

Horse Insurance Cost and Coverage: All You Need to Know

Having a sick or injured horse is not only an emotionally devastating situation to deal with, but it’s also one that comes with expensive vet bills. Whether we’re talking about equine colic or a broken leg, it pays to be prepared for the most common

6 Ways to Prepare for a Small Business Loan

There is a myriad of loan choices that will suit your business needs so you do not have to worry about not qualifying for a business loan. By reviewing all your options, you have a better chance of obtaining a lucrative small business loan.  It

Let’s Go Condo Shopping: 5 Tips for First-Time Buyers

In today’s red hot (but slightly cooling down) Toronto real estate market, many single professionals, families and newcomers are opting to purchase a condominium as opposed to a house. A condo is a more affordable option for a household of one or a household of

6 Ways to Work Together with Your Insurance Broker

Many of us feel that insurance companies never work for us. Everything from auto to home to life insurance, customers want a break, but it’s something seems out of the realm of possibility. Well, your wishes may actually come true if you take advantage of

3 Ways to Bounce Back From Credit Card Debt

The combined credit card debt in Canada is approximately $91 billion and this number is snowballing as it has become easier to obtain a new card and lenders constantly increase credit limits for existing clients. Many people think that they have a good handle on

5 Serious Mistakes People Make with Credit Cards

There are advantages to having a credit card and it’s always useful to have one in hand, but there are several disadvantages as well, especially if you’re not careful, or don’t show restraint. The only true winner when it comes to credit cards are the