Moving Across Borders: 4 Different Types of Immigration

If you need help with Canadian immigration matters, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to hire an immigration lawyer. Don’t try to take on anything by yourself or ask friends for help.

While you can ask for some advice from family and friends, when it comes to immigration matters, it is just way too complex and tricky to try and solve anything on your own. Immigration lawyers are skilled and experienced and will know what to do, when to do it and can get you your desired results as well as reduce your stress levels. These are some of the things an immigration lawyer can help you with.

1. Temporary Residence

Most people think that applying for a temporary residence is an easy, straightforward process, but it isn’t. They decide to go it alone and find out the hard way. These applications have to be submitted to the Canadian consulate and it can take months. Though a permit may last for up to 3 years, however, you are at the mercy of visa officers, who may turn it down for whatever reason they choose.

If this happens, you will have to re-apply again under new circumstances and a second application is going to be more difficult. Hiring a lawyer is the best option to get it right the first time.

2. Permanent Residence

An immigration lawyer can help you gain permanent residence in Canada. They can offer you the best advice at the right time to make the process smoother. The application process is pretty complex and difficult and very time-consuming and best handled by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Without their guidance, an application can be turned down and the worst part is, you would have been waiting for months and sometimes, it can also turn into years only to be rejected. There are certain categories for which you can apply, such as an independent worker, a skilled worker, family class and business immigration, to name a few. A lawyer can advice you and give you the best chance of success.

3. Citizenship

It’s getting harder to get Canadian citizenship. You need to be proficient in one of the two official languages. Sometimes, an application can take several years to process. You will also need to be living here for three out of the last four years.

A lawyer can help speed up the process. They will also know what questions will come up and what documents you will require. You wouldn’t want any last minute hitches and a lawyer can help prevent this and relieve a lot of stress.

4. Student Visa

Canadian immigration lawyers can help prospective students by showing that they are eligible to study in the country. They can help to show that the student has been accepted by an educational institution and that they have a letter as proof. They can also help a student to show that they can afford tuition fees and living expenses, that they are law abiding and have no prior criminal record and when their study period is over, they will leave the country.

The truth of the matter is, immigration lawyers can help you get successful outcomes quickly. Trying to do immigration procedures on your own is a recipe for disaster. Hire a lawyer and get it done right.