Six Reasons Why You Need a Disability Lawyer

A disability lawyer is a lawyer who is specially trained to help clients who are disabled either through accident, illness, or chronic. Some people need legal help to file for services like CPP or CDB. There are six reasons why it it is a good idea to hire a disability lawyer than go begin your own. You can avoid stress. The lawyer knows what questions you will be asked, and he will coach you how to answer. There are additional resources available at Disability Lawyer Toronto if you are interested in learning more.

1. No lines to wait in

You don’t need to go to the trouble of physically going to agencies to wait in line to talk to someone. You can avoid the hassle phoning disability agencies to talk to someone. Your lawyer knows what you need to register for disability benefits.

2. Avoiding massive amount of paperwork

Acquiring the right disability benefits for you requires a lot of paperwork your lawyer can work on. All you have to do is read, sign, and date. Your lawyer will know if your Canadian Disability Income is tax deductible and if you can can get disability benefits under 65 years of age.

3. Avoiding all the confusing legal jargon

Many contracts include strange wording and many acronyms. It is easy to misunderstand the wording. Disability lawyers are familiar with the wording, know the loop holes, and can get you the benefits you might not be able to get for yourself. You have a better chance of being accepted for disability benefits with a lawyer helping you.

4. Let the lawyer worry about deadlines

If you miss any deadlines that concern submitting documents, this could cause a delay in your claim not be excepted. A disability lawyer will keep track of the deadlines and keep the claim moving forwarding until you’re approved and receive your benefts.

5. There are no upfront costs

Some lawyers expect a fee before the case is completed. The disability lawyer will not charge you a fee until after you have been accepted to receive your benefits.

6. Consultations are Free

Some lawyers charge a fee just to listen to their potential client. Lawyers who specialize in disability issues do not charge consultation fees. You will have time to gather all your questions and your concerns. The lawyer will tell you if your case is viable and has a chance of winning.