Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood

Today, the need for blood is greater than ever. Blood is an essential part of the human body, including the importance of the cord blood that comes with a child’s birth. As diseases and accidents increase the demand for blood, there is a need for blood banks to continually replenish their stock.

Donating blood is one of the easiest and best ways you can help other people. There are many benefits to donating your red bodily fluid.

1. Save a Life

One of the best reasons to give is to save a life.  Blood donations save thousands of lives every year. People face life threatening emergencies everyday that result in significant blood loss. Blood transfusions are required to save their life. Your donation can save the life of someone who needs your blood type.

2. Give Back to Your Community

Everyone in a community has the power to help other members. Giving of yourself is one of the most selfless ways that you can give something back to your community. Your charitable efforts show others you care, and a caring community is a stronger community.

3. It’s the Noble Thing to Do

Helping another human is a very noble thing to do. Every time you give, you are putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Not only are you helping them, but you are giving another person a second chance at life. There is nothing more grand and noble than a genuine act of selflessness.

4. Human Blood Cannot be Substituted

Human blood cannot be duplicated or substituted with another type of blood product or fluid. If someone loses too much of their bodily juice, they need to have more manually added into their body to survive. Human blood contains different types of cells, plasma, and other essential elements. ­­­­­­­Another liquid cannot be used instead if there is a shortage.

5. It’s A Free Health Check

Because transfusions must be healthy, donated products must be screened thoroughly for transmittable diseases and other anomalies before it can be given to someone else. If you want to know if you have any communicable diseases or other serious conditions, you can find out for free by donating your bodily fluid to a local bank or a donation center.

6. Because You Can

Blood replenishes itself. When you lose a small amount of blood, your body replaces it, so you always have a desired amount in your body. This makes it easy to donate because your body will naturally reproduce your own supply.

7. The Demand is Always High

Everyday, people are sick or injured, and undergo treatments or operations that require blood transfusions due to loss of blood volume. Because of the endless need, blood banks are continually in need of refilling their stock. By donating to your local bank, you are helping keep the blood supplied to it is there when people need it.

8. You Would Want Someone to Do It for You

If you became sick or seriously injured and needed a blood transfusion to survive, you would want someone to be generous enough to give their fluids. Knowing that you would want the bags to be available if you were ever in need, then you know that others feel the same way. You know you would want donations to be available to you, so why not make sure your type is there for someone else.

There will always be a high need for blood transfusions. By donating, you are giving someone else another chance at life.