Top Seven Tips to Hire the Right Private Investigator

Relationships have their ups and downs, but when cheating is suspected, this can break trust beyond repair. For some, hiring a private investigator becomes a reality. It can seem like a daunting task, but knowing what to look for can provide peace of mind and security while figuring out what is happening and why.

1. Have an In-Person Consultation

When meeting with any private investigator, there should always be an opportunity to meet in person to discuss the situation. A professional PI will be sure to get the entire story to assess what must be done and to come up with a plan. Talking about what is going on can be very difficult, but it is the first step toward finding out how to proceed. Be as honest as possible and provide details.

2. Verify Licensure

Private investigators must hold licenses. When having the first meeting, it is always advisable to ask to see the PI’s license to verify that the individual is professional and experienced. This will bring peace of mind to a difficult situation.

3. Ask About Insurance

All business professionals should hold an insurance policy, and this includes private investigators. It is very reasonable to ask about the insurance and to see proof of it. It’s no different than asking about licensing.

4. Research Testimonials

There is no better source, when seeking a review on a PI, than someone who has used their services. Most PI websites contain testimonials. If these cannot be found, it is a good idea to inquire about them.

5. Request a Work Sample

Taking the request one step further, ask to see a work sample. This should contain a detailed outline about a situation that the PI has worked on, and will showcase their skills and plan of action. Seeing a tangible example of their work will provide an idea of what might happen in the given situation and how it might be resolved.

6. Avoid “Discounts”

If anyone offers a discount or puts pressure on the client to make a decision, this is usually not a PI that should be worked with. Private investigators thrive on helping people, not taking their money. The situation should never feel pressured or rushed. Not all PIs are in it for the money, but just like any other business practice, some are not in the field for the right reasons.

7. Inquire About Engagements

Ask who the private investigator has worked with. Many will have alliances formed with other reputable sources and companies. This is a great sign of professionalism that should be noted while on the search for the right PI. When these connections are made, this shows that the PI is legitimate and can form reputable business relationships—both are great signs.

Having to hire a private investigator is not a negative step. It is very practical and, when done correctly, can bring some much-needed answers to the situation. Following the above tips, finding the right one will be efficient and streamlined.