4 Ways for Real Estate CRM to Supercharge Your Business

Most realtors don’t have a systematic way to manage their customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can take your real estate business to the next level by increasing revenue, building stronger client relationships, automating the tasks that take up valuable time, and creating a consistent schedule. Here are four ways a real estate CRM can save your time, money, and sanity!

💵 1. Increase Revenue

Your real estate revenue is dependent on your ability to follow up with people who form your target audience. These could be people you already know and work with, past clients, or others you’ve met in the community. Without a systematic way of tracking these leads, you are missing out on huge revenue generation possibilities simply by not keeping in touch.

CRM software reminds you to keep in touch with your most important stakeholders. Your CRM will also allow you to identify and target current and past customers that could provide referrals to further grow your business.

💁 2. Build Deeper Relationships

Without a database or CRM tool, tracking your client relationships becomes very difficult. When you can save and track the history of your relationships, your marketing can take advantage of the contacts you’ve already established. A CRM tool will allow you to send messages to specific groups of people based on the level of your past interactions.

You’ll also be able to keep a history of any conversation so that every time you contact a prospect, current or past client, you pick up right where you left off.

💻 3. Automate Your Workflow

With your customer relationships housed in CRM software, the once onerous task of following up becomes a breeze. Your database will prompt you when you haven’t spoken to a prospect for a certain amount of time, or remind you that you promised to get back to a current client on Monday.

Most CRM platforms also allow for automated workflow steps, so you can keep track of your deals and contingent tasks. The less you try to remember, the more that will actually get done.

✔ 4. Be More Consistent

With your relationships tracked and your follow-ups automated, you will have achieved the goal of consistent communication. Consistency is the key to staying top-of-mind for your current and potential customers. If you’re after repeat clients, referrals, or brand new business, you need to regularly remind people of who you are and what you have to offer. Your CRM platform can also create and save pre-built communications templates, removing the need to recreate your message for each client. When your customers remember you, they’ll be more likely to call when they need a realtor.

No matter the goals you have set for your business, a real estate CRM can help you get there. When you keep track of your current and potential buyers and sellers, you can make more money in less time. Your real estate CRM will enable you to create deep client relationships and automate check-ins and follow-ups. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without one!