5 Cool Tips About Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting isn’t really a weight loss tool in the sense that you won’t lose one hundred pounds in the same way as you would with diet and exercise under a professional’s guidance. It’s more for a person who, no matter what they’ve tried, they cannot seem to be able to shake off the fat from certain areas. This means that the person isn’t really overweight, but does have a few problem areas, like the tummy area, which is infamous for being stubborn. Here are some tips you should know about the before and after process of CoolSculpting.

1. Are You A Good Candidate For CoolSculpting?

As mentioned, CoolSculpting isn’t really for someone who is 300 pounds hoping to become 150 pounds. If this is you, you’re better off seeking help from dieticians and a personal trainer with experience. Once you lose the weight, CoolSculpting can be of benefit to shape things nicely if you still have pockets of fat that won’t disappear. You’re more likely to be a good candidate if you’re just a little on the heavy side with problem areas. CoolSculpting can then reduce the fat in those areas to give you a more proportionate look.

2. Ask About The Number Of Treatments

Once you make an appointment, ask them how many treatments you will need. Sometimes, depending on each individual, all that is needed is one treatment. CoolSculpting only gets rid of about 20% of the fat, so this can do the trick and you may be happy with the results and leave it at that. For others though, they may want three or more treatments that are spaced out over several months. The important thing is, during your initial visit, let them know what your thoughts are so that a personal plan can be created just for you.

3. Keep A Log

Make sure to document your experience. Take measurements, photos and write down what others say both before and after the experience. Also, though it is not an invasive procedure and it isn’t considered to be overly painful, it can be uncomfortable. It may also be painful after the procedure, but this is normal. Make sure to record this down for future reference and also to help others who seek your advice.

4. During The Procedure

It takes about an hour, so you may want to bring a book or keep busy with a laptop. Interested in documenting your experiences for the world to see? Perhaps you can start your own website while actually going through it.

5. Listen To Your Body Afterwards

There will be pain and discomfort, but if anything worries you, contact them immediately. Normally, most areas do not cause any major concerns except for, you guessed it, the tummy area. This could be painful or numb. Also, the results will take time, so take lots of photos. Results will be noticeable after a month or even several months. This way, you can see the changes, changes which are long-lasting.

After all is said and done, you still need to play your part. Proper diet and exercise is a given. If you don’t take care of this aspect, you will probably gain weight, though it’s unlikely that the weight gain will be in the same place of the procedure, since the fat cells are killed off. Maintain a healthier lifestyle and you will be looking and feeling good.