5 Maintenance Tips for Your Electronic Bike

After years of sitting on the sidelines, you finally made the decision to acquire an electronic bike. Rather than waste thousands of dollars per year on an automobile, hundreds of hours on public transportation annually, and a chunk of calories walking everywhere, you invested in an e-bike.

Not only would this be good to get from point A to point B, it is also beneficial for the environment. But there is one thing you need to remember: maintenance!

Now that you invested a significant sum of money on this vehicle, you need to ensure that you take excellent care of it. Otherwise, your e-bike’s lifespan will dwindle, and the efficacy of every ride will diminish. And you don’t want this to happen.

Everything from properly cleaning the e-bike to keeping up with repairs, there are many measures you can employ to make sure that your new vehicle can pay dividends.

Here are five maintenance tips for your electronic bike:

1. Your Battery is Top Priority

Like an automobile or motorbike, your e-bike’s battery is the lifeblood. It will help you go to the grocery store, to work, to the movies, to the in-laws. The battery is a critical part of driving.

Simply put: your battery is the top priority, so it needs to be maintained as best as you can.

Each of the cells in your battery has approximately 1,000 charge cycles. You consume roughly 10 cells in your battery on your trip. This means it would be prudent to recharge those 10 cells – and rinse and repeat. When you get home from work, be sure to charge your battery.

2. Remove the Debris, Dirt, & Dust

Whether it is winter or summer, your e-bike will experience nature’s elements as well as the asphalt jungle. This is why, on a regular basis, you need to take the time to clean your vehicle to remove the debris, dirt, and dust.

Remember, these aspects can eat away at your investment by eroding the exterior and seep into the intricacies of your e-bike.

You see motorists wash their automobiles. Why not do the same for your e-bike?

3. It’s Time to Lubricate

For as long as possible, you want to have all of the mechanics of your e-bike working correctly. One of the simplest ways you can do this is to lubricate all of the major moving parts. Industry experts recommend performing this task at least once per week, even if you don’t use your machine all too often.

4. Ensure Your Tires Are in Great Shape

We will be honest: even motorists fail to keep tabs on the pressure of all four tires. Tire pressure is essential for any moving vehicle. By conducting a regular inspection of your tires, you can determine if you need to add more air to them. Or, if you’re not exactly a grease monkey, you can utilize a pressure gauge to find out if the tire pressure is normal or low.

5. Don’t be Lazy: Pedal More

Do you want to make your battery last longer? Do you basic mechanics to perform at a high-level when you really need them? OK, then here is a rudimentary suggestion: pedal more.

Yes, we are sometimes lazy, and we enjoy the luxury of getting to our destination rather quickly at an affordable price. However, if you want to stretch your loonies by avoiding the repair shop, then all you need to do is pedal just a bit more.

Besides, it is great for your health and it can keep you warm in the middle of winter (we’ll understand if it’s too hot outside).

E-bikes are becoming more ubiquitous on city streets. Drivers and bystanders may complain about the uncouth behaviour of certain e-bike owners, but they really can’t gripe – how many times are they looking down at their smartphones ignoring others around them?

The average e-bike can cost around $1,000. It’s not small change. Of course, you can make that $1,000 last by taking proper care of your new vehicle. Everything from cleaning the dirt to inflating your tires, a little bit of maintenance never hurt anyone.