5 Maintenance Tips to Fix Your Office Photocopier

Your business, with its limited budget, just purchased a $1,500 office photocopier. It is state-of-the-art and comes with all of the features and functions you ever wanted. By doing this, you’re rebelling against the norm: other offices are going paperless, but you’re embracing printing.

Management is excited. Employees are jubilant. Clients are impressed. Despite this newfound exhilaration, you can’t be cocky and confident. Why? Maintenance.

Although office photocopiers are advancing year after year, it is important that you incorporate proper maintenance into your daily affairs. This will ensure that your machine will have a lengthy lifespan and will remain intact for many years to come, no matter how often it’s in use.

Unsure what to do? Well, let’s examine the various measures you can employ.

Here are five maintenance tips for the office photocopier:

1. A Shutdown When You Leave Work

Before you leave the office, you turn off the computers, you turn off the lamps, you turn off the coffee machine. So, why would you leave on your photocopier?

Unfortunately, many businesses do this, which doesn’t allow the machine to take a breather.

This inevitably impacts the efficacy of the photocopier because it is never turned off. No matter how powerful the device is, every piece of technology needs to be turned to recuperate.

As soon as you finish for the day, it is important to turn off the machine, or at least put it in a standby or sleep mode.

2. Follow the Instruction in the Manual

Let’s be honest: many of us refuse to peruse the manufacturer’s manual. That’s just in us.

That said, it is imperative to actually read the instruction manual and follow all of the guidelines. This is important because it gives a wide variety of tips and suggestions to not only make your photocopier more effective, it can also enhance its lifespan.

Everything from the correct type of paper to the right ink cartridge, you should heed the advice.

3. Clean the Inside & Outside Regularly


Who wants to ever clean the inside and outside of an office photocopier? Well, not many of us do, but it is an essential part of maintenance. By adopting cleaning practices for your machine, you can ensure that it remains in great shape, both on the inside and the outside.

In addition, you can eliminate streaks, spots, and overall direct that negatively affect your printing needs. How many times have you noticed streaks on your sheets?

Just take the time to clean, and you won’t get a headache!

4. Be Conscious of Copying Habits

Yes, you invested a lot of money into the greatest office photocopier you have ever witnessed. However, just because you forked over a large chunk of your budget, it doesn’t mean that you can be liberal with your printing and copying.

In other words, you need to be a bit more conservative, a bit more conscious of how you print and copy.

You can adopt a copying schedule (9 a.m. to noon and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.), use both sides of the paper, only copy in black and white, and utilize more cloud computing and mobile devices.

5. Implement Routine Service Inspections

Want to ensure that your office photocopier is in tip-top shape? It’s simple: hire a serviceman who can perform regular inspections of your machine. He can notice things that you can’t, which then allows him to immediately repair certain malfunctions.

This may cost you some money now, but it will save you a lot of money down the road.

Look, offices need photocopiers, especially larger ones. Whether it is for presentations or for large binders to store away for months at a time, office photocopiers are essential for all office landscapes. They do imbibe a large chunk of your corporate wallet, but it is a worthwhile investment, and one that can pay dividends in the future if you take proper care of your new love, er, machine.