5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skimp On Restaurant Equipment

If you’re starting a restaurant, you’re probably debating if new equipment is worth the extra cost. It’s tempting to buy used to save a few extra dollars, but how will it affect your business in the long run? In this post, we’ll look at five different reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on restaurant equipment!

1. New Equipment Comes With Longer Warranties

Not many things are worse than trying to get your business off the ground, only to have to deal with equipment failures. Problems with your equipment are especially damaging in the restaurant industry where you can’t make money if you can’t make food. Used equipment doesn’t give you the luxury of being able to tap into the warranty at any time.

New equipment warranties range from anywhere between one year to lifetime warranties. The type of warranty you’re getting is as important as the item itself so don’t hesitate to spend some time comparing your options. New equipment gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get help if any problems arise.

2. You’re Guaranteed To Get Better Performance

Used equipment simply cannot perform at the same level as new items. The quality of your restaurant equipment directly impacts the quality of the final product you’re providing to your customers. Your chefs are able to make much better meals when they have high powered tools at their disposal.

You can see an example of better performance when you look at commercial griddles. Griddles are an item that get used every day, regardless of what kind of food you serve. However, it’s common for griddles to develop hot spots or spots that just won’t heat up. This means your staff is more likely to accidentally burn food which results in waste and extra costs for your restaurant.

3. You’ll Invest Less In Maintenance In The First 5 To 10 Years

Tying in with the better performance you’ll get, you’ll also have to maintain new items much less often than used ones. The more use an appliance undergoes, the more likely it is for the parts to wear out and performance to suffer. You can expect new equipment to operate at a high level for at least the first few years.

Every issue you have with a used piece of equipment is going to cost you at least a few hundred dollars. When you add on the price and time spent searching for specific parts to fit your older machine, you might as well have paid the extra money for a new piece of equipment. When you use new restaurant equipment, you usually don’t have to tap into the warranty for at least a few years.

4. New Restaurant Equipment Makes It Easier To Meet Health Guidelines

Meeting health codes is much easier to do with new equipment. Even with regular cleanings, it’s tough to get rid of all the grease and debris that builds up on used equipment over time. When you start with a new piece of equipment, it’s easier to establish a baseline level of cleanliness.

New equipment also generally comes with new technology that makes safety and cleanliness easier to achieve. Stainless steel surfaces are extremely easy to clean and harder for bacteria to grow on. You won’t find stainless steel parts on many old pieces of equipment. New range hoods also have improved ventilation which makes maintaining safe air quality an easier task.

5. New Equipment Comes With No Surprises

When you invest in new equipment, you and your staff are much more likely to be gentle and careful with the new tools. However the same cannot be said of previous users of old equipment. You simply don’t know what type of abuse used equipment has had to endure. It’s hard to tell if the last owner kept up with regular maintenance until the machine fails on you a few weeks in. New restaurant equipment eliminates surprises and allows your staff to focus on doing their job at a high level.