5 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Many people go through stages in their career where they feel unhappy at their job. Sometimes, it’s just a passing phase, or it could be brought on by changes in the company. With changes, you may learn to adapt and get used to it, so that initial unhappiness slowly goes away. But what if you’re always feeling awful about your job? What if you just don’t want to do it anymore and you constantly feel this way? Here are some signs that it’s time to look for another job.

1. You’re Miserable For Most Of The Day

If you find that you’re miserable and generally unhappy most of the time you’re in work, this could be a sign it’s time for a change. If you feel mistreated and depressed a lot and you start thinking, perhaps even fantasizing every working day of doing something else, it may be time to get out of this job altogether. Don’t deny how you feel; no one should suffer such mental anguish on a daily basis.

2. You Hate Your Boss & Co-Workers

If you start hating the people you work with, including the boss, and you notice you spend less time with co-workers, it’s time to consider moving elsewhere for employment. Sometimes, you end up having a horrible boss who makes your life a misery, but what if you can’t tolerate co-workers as well? Sometimes, you work hard and because of this, more work is thrust upon you. Meanwhile, your lazy co-workers get away with murder. So you end up working harder for the same pay and your boss doesn’t make anyone else work harder. You end up being resentful.

3. You Hate Going To Work

Some people are lucky enough that they enjoy going to work. They have no complaints and they love their job. Others aren’t so lucky. You get up, especially on a Monday and go, “Oh God”. Perhaps there was a time you were one of the lucky ones who was raring to get going, but now, things have changed.

4. Personal Life & Health Is Suffering

It’s time to leave if your health and personal life begins to suffer. If you bring your stress home and take it out on others, or you suffer depression, headaches and other health issues as a result of the job, you need to move on.

5. Bigger & Better Things

If you feel that you’re destined for bigger and better things, and you’ve been feeling this for a long time, perhaps even years, you should believe in yourself and quit your current job for something else you feel you should be doing.

Many people who go through these issues just don’t have the belief in themselves to make the change. They lack self-esteem and confidence, so they just stay the same and not rock the boat. While this may be true, perhaps it’s time to find a way to make the breakthrough, even if it means getting help or taking steps to increase self-esteem, perhaps seeing a therapist. If this is what’s holding you back, then take a chance and break free of the chains holding you back. You deserve to be happy at work and at home, so talk to a recruitment agency to see what your possible options are.