6 Common Types of Car Accidents in Big Cities

Being in a collision can make any day a bad one. You’ll want to avoid these car accidents if possible, but looking out for the other driver isn’t always easy. The first thing on your agenda will be to get better and have your vehicle repaired if necessary.

It isn’t easy being in an accident. However, regardless of how careful you may be, these accidents can happen at any time when you’re on the road. It’s in your best interest to rely on a medical professional to access your injuries after a collision. Even if you feel you’ve not been hurt, it’s always good to have a thorough medical exam. Working to get past your injury should be foremost on your mind when this occurs. Taking care of yourself and getting your vehicle back in shape is vital to moving forward with your life.

The extent of your injury may be based on the type of vehicle collision you had. Below are the different types of car accidents that occur in big cities:

1. Rollover

If your car rolled over multiple times, this could be one of the very worse types. It’s highly likely that you may have had several injuries.

When your car turns over one or multiple times, this can be extremely difficult. Rollover accidents may take time for you to heal from and it’s possible you may have had extensive car damage.

2. Rear-end collision

Were you going down the road and suddenly got hit in the back end? If so, this may have given you quite a shock.

Being rear-ended isn’t that uncommon and may not cause a great deal of damage to your car. However, it’s likely you may have whiplash as a result of this accident.

With these types of car accidents, it’s always in your best interest to see a chiropractor after the accident. Doing so can allow you to get the professional medical help you need quickly.

3. Single car accident

Hitting an object, such as a deer or other animal in the road, is one of the many collisions that can occur. While these types of car accidents may not cause as much bodily harm, it can create a lot of damage to your automobile.

The type of object you hit and the size of it will be the determining factors in the amount of damage your car may have. Working to get this fixed as promptly as you can is ideal and not driving your car during this time can be helpful.

It’s essential to get an estimate from your auto shop to know precisely what it will cost for you to do this. Working with your insurance provider is the key to paying less out of your pocket for this task.

4. Head-on collision

One of the worse accidents you may have is being in a head-on collision.  Hitting another car can be extremely dangerous and may lead to multiple injuries.

A variety of reasons typically causes this type of collision. Some of these range from a driver being drunk to driving while not fully awake and alert.

The speed in which each automobile is going will play a significant role in the severity of it. It’s not uncommon for many people that are in this accident type to require critical medical care.

Additionally, many cars may be towed entirely, and this will require a replacement of the vehicle. It’s always in your best interest to consult with a professional body shop in your area if you’re in an accident of this magnitude.

5. Side collision

It’s possible to be hit in the side of your car, and the amount of damage your vehicle sustains may vary.  This accident may be more likely to happen at an intersection.

If both cars fail to stop there will be a better chance of a side collision. This makes it essential to be sure to look both ways before going through an intersection.

It’s more likely for the passenger in the side where the vehicle has been hit to have the most injuries. Working to recover from these will likely take time and medical care in most cases.

6. Hit and run accident

The last thing you’ll want to be a part of is a hit and run collision. This means the person that hit you may have left the scene of the accident.

You’ll need to rely on your insurance coverage to be fully reimbursed for this situation. While this type of collision may be expensive to recover from it does happen.

It’s essential to work with the insurance provider in your area to assist you in getting through this challenging time. This may take some patience and perseverance on your part to do.