Going Mobile: 4 Benefits of Converting Business Forms Into Mobile Apps

As businesses evolve, they should be prepared to embrace new technologies. After all, it would mean that they can work better, achieve more with perhaps less effort and it can also increase revenue. Employees can also work smarter, not harder as a result of technological improvements.

There may have been a time when businesses could say that it was “nice to have something”. Today, it’s more a case of “need to have”, or get left behind and lose out to competitors. Mobile forms apps can simplify so many parts of a business, so let’s take a look at how these can benefit a business more by getting rid of paper forms.

1. Save Time

When using mobile forms, it can save so much time. For one thing, these forms can be pre-populated which is really useful. Sometimes, workers who are out in the field have to call the head office if they need to fill in any important data. Obviously, this does waste some time because there are better solutions available. There are those who still run things this way, but the more innovative companies will use mobile apps and forms to get the job done.

2. Data Analysis

With paper forms, it can cause so much confusion and it can be harder to analyze information this way. Mobile forms allow you to do proper data analysis in a shorter amount of time. It’s also much easier to perform such analysis. Mobile forms are more up to date and everyone can have access to the information. This makes it easier for those who make the decisions and who can come up with solutions much more quickly. Paper forms can make the analysis process harder.

3. Satisfying Customers

Using mobile apps and mobile forms, it becomes much easier to take care of customers there and then. Information can be shared in real time. If there is a problem, it can be sorted while a technician is out in the field. The technician will have all the necessary information to deal with any issues. Unlike before, where a technician may have to leave a customer hanging and telling them that he would have to come back on another day, using mobile forms means that you can eliminate this situation and take care of a problem so that the customer does not have to wait till after the weekend to have the problem sorted. This means that there will be a greater number of satisfied customers.

4. Cost

Using paper can be costly in more ways than one. Forms can be misplaced, which will cost the business. Sometimes forms have to be searched for or possibly recreated again. Then there’s the cost of paper to consider. Going paperless can really help in cutting down unnecessary expenses and eliminate potential risks. Using mobile apps and mobile forms can help enhance productivity, especially those who are out in the field.

To send professional and impressive looking forms, you can even add photos. No need to use a printer like you would in the past. It’s quicker and more convenient than with paper. Dispatching forms with updated information in real time is another advantage of mobile forms, as is data collection. When you think about it, working with paper forms can’t hold a candle to mobile forms.