How to Stop a Candle from Tunneling

Nothing ruins the relaxing ambiance of a scented candle, like when it starts to tunnel. But don’t despair! With these ten tips, you can help prevent your candles from tunnelling and enjoy them for longer. Now go forth and light those candles!

But do so responsibly, of course. Contact us and let us know if you have any questions or need help finding the right candles and accessories for your home. Your comfort is our top priority. Safe and happy candle burns!

Natural candles are a beautiful way to add ambiance to any room, but sometimes they can tunnel and create an unsightly mess. If you’ve ever had a tunnelled candle, you know how frustrating it can be. The flame burns down the center of the candle, leaving an ugly, unappetizing wax ring around the edge.

You can do a few things to prevent your candles from tunnelling. Here are ten ways on how to stop your candle from tunnelling:

1. Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the candle.

One way to prevent your candle from tunnelling is to wrap a piece of aluminum foil around its edges. This will help to reflect the flame’s heat towards the wax, causing it to melt evenly.

Ensure the foil hangs over the candle’s edge so it doesn’t catch fire. Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top of the candle so the wick can get oxygen.

2. Avoid drafts.

Drafts can cause your candle to tunnel by causing the flame to waver and dance. This uneven burning can create a hole in the center of the wax that will cause the candle to a tunnel.

To avoid drafts, keep your candles away from windows, doors, air vents, and any other sources of drafts.

3. Avoid frequent short burns.

If you frequently burn your candles for short periods (less than an hour), this can also cause them to the tunnel. When you light a candle, the flame’s heat melts the wax around the wick.

If you blow it out before this melted wax can solidify, the molten wax will run down the side of the candle, creating a tunnel. To prevent this, allow your candles to burn for at least an hour each time you light them.

4. Use a candle snuffer.

A candle snuffer is a tool that helps to extinguish candles without blowing them out. This can help prevent tunnels, as it allows the wax to solidify around the wick before being extinguished. It can help prevent molten wax from running down the side of the candle.

5. Trim the wick.

Trimming the wick before each burn can also help to prevent your candle from tunnelling. When you trim the wick, you remove any uneven or charred bits that can cause the flame to waver.

A well-trimmed wick will burn evenly, helping to prevent any tunnelling. Many candles come with a wick trimmer included.

6. Place your candle on a level surface.

If your candle is not sitting level, this can cause it to tunnel. When the wax melts, it will run to the lower side of the candle, leaving a hole on the top.

To prevent this, place your candles on a level surface before lighting them. Use a candle holder or tray to keep them level and steady. You don’t want your candles toppling over and making a mess!

7. Don’t extinguish your candle with water.

Look, we get it. You’re in a hurry and need to blow out your candle. But resist the urge to extinguish it with water! When you do this, the water can cause the molten wax to splatter and create a tunnel.

Plus, it’s just not good for your candle. If you must blow it out, use a candle snuffer or do it quickly so the wax has time to solidify around the wick.

8. Use the right wick size.

Different wicks are available, and using the wrong size can cause your candle to tunnel. If the wick is too big, it will create a large flame that can cause the wax to melt unevenly. This can make a hole in the wax and cause your candle to tunnel.

Conversely, if the wick is too small, it won’t create enough heat to melt the wax evenly, also causing a tunnel. You can test burn to determine the right wick size for your candle. If the candle melts evenly and doesn’t create a hole, you’ve got the right wick size.

9. Cover when not in use.

When you’re not using your candles, it’s a good idea to cover them with a glass jar or cloche. This will help to protect them from drafts and other environmental factors that can cause them to tunnel.

Plus, it will keep dust and debris out of the wax, which can make your candle burn less evenly.

10. Use a tealight cover.

Tealight covers are a great way to prevent your candles from tunnelling. They help to deflect drafts and keep the flame burning evenly. Plus, they make your candles look pretty!

You can find tealight covers online or at most home goods stores. Don’t you just love a good solution that’s also aesthetically pleasing? We sure do.