4 Features Your Steel Building Should Have

When looking to add an outbuilding to your property, it can be difficult to size up your needs. With the number of choices out there, you need to carefully evaluate your needs to choose the structure that will serve you best for the years to come. Your intended use, storage needs, and budget will all determine the steel building that’s right for you. A steel building will be used for many years, so taking care to choose the best building for your needs will pay off for years to come.

1. Use

Steel buildings are great structures for garages, workshops, sheds, barns, or even extra accommodation. When looking for a steel building, ask yourself, what are you going to use your building for? Your intended use of your new building will tell you a lot about the size and type of building you need. If you’re looking to use your steel building as a barn or garage, you’ll likely need 12’ x 12’ at a minimum. If you’re just planning on using your building as a tool shed, you’ll likely be better suited to a smaller, 10’ x 6’ structure.

2. Storage Needs

Your storage needs will also inform the type of building you need. Many smaller items or just a few large items will require more storage space than a few boxes or small tools. So, evaluate your storage needs when choosing a steel building. If you’re planning to store several large tools like lawnmowers or snow blowers, you’ll need a larger structure. On the other hand, if you just need to store hand tools you may require a much smaller building. It’s important to think not only about your current storage needs, but what you may need to store in the future as well.

3. Open or enclosed?

Do you need a closed-in structure, or would an open building suit your needs? When evaluating steel buildings, this is an important consideration. Enclosed buildings provide more shelter from the elements for the items inside, but these do cost more than open buildings. Open buildings work particularly well as carports or storage for recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, ATVs and trailers.

4. Budget

Your budget will likely be an important factor in choosing a steel building. You may need to trade off size for other building features. If you’re willing to be flexible with the type of building, you’ll be better able to fit your budget. Your preferred size and type of enclosure will play a large part in the cost of your steel building. Your steel building will be an investment that pays off over the many years of its life. What you invest into a steel building will

No matter your intended use, storage needs, or budget, with flexibility and an open mind, you’ll be able to find the steel building that’s right for you. These structures last for upwards of 30 years, so it makes sense to take care and choose your steel building wisely!