7 Famous Cannabis Users in the Celebrity World

Cannabis culture has been a pretty popular subculture for years now. Starting decades ago, it has recently been pulled into a more mainstream setting, especially when it comes to visiting local marijuana dispensaries near us. This is due in large part to the people promoting marijuana and the culture surrounding it. The slow legalization happening within the United States (and other parts of the world), and the fight for it, has also played a pretty big role, too.

Let’s think about these famous individuals who are partial to marijuana. Who are these cannabis users and what actions have they taken to promote the lifestyle? We’ll be taking a closer look at seven of the most famous cannabis users in the world:

1. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been a known name for decades, both for her funny outlooks and her interesting observations on modern issues. The entertainer is also a big supporter of cannabis and the benefits that it can provide for a person. At her level and height of fame, Whoopi became one of the most famous cannabis users in the celebrity world.

However, she was very interested in cannabis consumption that would be safer for the user and less dangerous to the lungs than smoking. This resulted in the product line “Whoopi & Maya” which specializes in safe methods of consuming cannabis products.


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2. Willie Nelson

At this point, weed and Willie Nelson are synonymous with each other. The legendary country singer has been a major supporter of marijuana products for decades in a proud, outspoken way. He also speaks on his hobby and lifestyle commonly in order to educate others on the use of marijuana.

Naturally, he went even further and created his own company, Willie’s Reserve. The company has been experimenting with cannabis in unique ways, such as candy and even coffee products. Well into his 80s at this point, the country artist is still a good friend of the way of life he adopted long ago.


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3. Snoop Dogg

Most music fans will be familiar with this rap icon. While his music may be legendary, his talent has been coupled with his weed loving lifestyle for years. Stories of all kinds regarding his cannabis indulgence follow the rapper like urban legends, yet most of them are pretty accurate.

For example, Snoop Dogg employs a “professional blunt roller,” who apparently does a fair amount of work each and every day. Naturally, Snoop also has his own line of weed and a website devoted to marijuana culture. It’s safe to say that he’s pretty dedicated to cannabis at this point.


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4. Cheech & Chong

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have made entire careers out of their signature “stoner comedy.” The success that they have received over their decades of work include cultural success on a wide scale and even a Grammy award.

The two have been heavily involved in pro-cannabis movements throughout this time, and have successfully woven it into their feature films, television shows, and stand-up comedy routines. The duo have been at it for so long that they have successfully cemented themselves in the history of cannabis culture for good.


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5. Woody Harrelson

After 30 solid years of smoking weed, Woody Harrelson stepped away from cannabis culture for a while in 2017. However, this break-up didn’t last too long, as he came back to the lifestyle in 2019. Although, he was steadfast in his attempts to drop the life altogether.

The reversal in philosophy came in the form of a singer named Willie Nelson. The two would routinely play poker together, leading to Nelson consistently offering Harrelson a vape pen. While Woody’s attempts to turn down the offer were admirable, you can only turn down Willie Nelson so many times before finally giving in. Once he accepted Nelson’s offer, he was back in for good.


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6. Seth Rogen

While many of Seth Rogen’s film roles over the years haven’t been entirely centered on cannabis culture, there is always the slightest tinge of marijuana in almost everything the actor does. However, there are plenty of the actor’s roles that embrace marijuana openly, much to the joy of Rogen. It makes for good comedy and memorable characters, after all.

It’s been stated that a former office of Seth Rogen’s had such a leftover scent of cannabis that the next office owner had to wait for every inch of the office to be thoroughly cleansed before they could move in. That’s certainly one way to leave your signature on your workplace, although not many careers would approve.


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7. Bill Gates

“Marijuana was the pharmaceutical of choice,” stated Bill Gates’ college roommate. While one of the richest men in the world was preparing himself for the future, Gates apparently favoured cannabis as a way to clear his mind. Seeing as he went on to found Microsoft in 1975, it’s safe to say that his mind was in the right place at least a few times since his college days. Perhaps marijuana helped him become the man he is today?


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