7 Methods Chiropractors Use When Treating Back Pain

As our bodies age, we become much more vulnerable to harm from a myriad of sources. The muscles work in a reduced capacity, which can put even the strongest of us at increased risk. Although physical pain may seem like an inevitability, there are a bunch of solutions at your disposal.

Seeking out a qualified chiropractor is one such solution, which can aid in your body’s recovery. Back and neck pain are the most common areas to assess in this light, especially as you become older. With the right chiropractor behind you, you will then be exposed to an assortment of beneficial treatments.

Here are the most common methods chiropractors use when treating back pain:

Method #1: Chiropractor Alignments

Since back and neck pain can be an everyday issue for thousands of people, chiropractic treatments are vital. When you go to visit your chiropractor, they will introduce you to a myriad of physical alignments that can remedy your nagging conditions. Alignments delve into the internal aspects of one’s body to repair the problem.

First, a chiropractor will target the spinal cord, as a means of aligning the back. Since the spine runs from the back’s base right up towards your neck, it needs to be worked on diligently. Aligning the vertebrae in this light helps to mitigate nerve pressure, which can be excruciating. Don’t be afraid of the inevitable popping sound; it means the treatment is working!

Method #2: Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a very common method chiropractors use when treating back pain. While some motions may be vital for overall recovery, your chiropractor may also conduct physical therapy. It is similar in vein to the various bodily adjustments mentioned previously, but conducted differently. These types of exercises are done in a monitored and deliberate fashion.

For example, your chiropractor will provide you with a set of exercises that are customized for your issues. Not only can these exercises stimulate muscle memory, but they mitigate the overall pain felt. In addition, you will be advised on how to maintain proper posture, which is vital when trying to reduce back pain.

Method #3: Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are growing in popularity, and not without good reason. These massages are unlike your typical rubdowns, as they target specific areas in your body. Since back and neck pain is a huge issue with many of us, deep tissue massages, when applied, are sought after.

Chiropractors will first try to pinpoint where exactly the source of pain is coming from. Once located, the massages applied can penetrate the muscles deep enough to induce a medicinal effect. Not only can these massages stimulate regular blood flow, but they can reinvigorate the flexibility of your muscles again!

Method #4: Soft Tissue Therapy

Although it is similar in vein to a deep tissue massage, this chiropractic treatment has its own, unique benefits. Soft tissue therapy can be seen as more therapeutic than its counterpart, as it focuses on various muscles and ligaments. Sometimes, our joints may become inflamed, due in part to multiple reasons.

Instead of having to apply a deep tissue massage, this treatment works on one’s joints to clear up inflammation. Back pain may usually arise due in part to this swelling, which can make even simple movements more painful. After the joints have been worked on, toxic by-products are released, alleviating the client of the pain being experienced.

Method #5: Flexion Adjustment

Flexion adjustment is a less common technique used by chiropractors, when trying to get rid of back and neck pain. However, the advantages of this treatment are still palpable, when applied correctly. The chiropractor in question will use this technique to stretch the client’s back, in order to align the spine.

For the most part, those who experience back pain will suffer from issues such as scoliosis. This creates the need for an acutely targeted approach; flexion adjustment is, as a result, vital. It has been clinically proven to be successful in its implementation, when treating pain in one’s back.

Method #6: Logan Technique

Sometimes, all your back needs is a solid amount of pressure, in order to get things moving again. In this light, the Logan technique will generally be implemented. Pressure is diligently applied to one’s spine, which aids in reducing tension inside the upper body.

Method #7: Diversified Technique

Although chiropractors have their own solutions to treat back and neck pain, this is a mutual tool shared by many. Instant back and neck pain can be experienced when this treatment is applied. Again, don’t be too alarmed by the sound of popping; this means it is working as intended!

Many chiropractic treatments are beneficial when trying to solve every day, physical issues. Since back and neck pain is considered to be the most common, rest assured that you are in good hands. Sooner than later, you’ll be feeling the positive effects on a daily basis!