8 Employment Issues That Might Require Legal Advice

Many people, despite the fact that they are working very hard each day, are completely unaware of their rights as employees. This is why getting some help from an employment lawyer when something goes wrong is so important.

Here are 8 reasons why you might need an employment lawyer.

1. You have been discriminated against

If you have lost your job, or been denied a raise or a promotion because of your gender, your race, your religious beliefs, or a disability, you need to speak with an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer will help you determine if you have a valid discrimination case.

2. You have been harassed by your boss or your coworkers

Harassment in the workplace is a serious situation that needs to be addressed. Being harassed verbally, physically or sexually can cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. If going to work has turned into a nightmare for you, an employment lawyer can certainly help.

3. You are a victim of retaliation

It’s illegal for your employer to retaliate against you simply because you have been complaining about a certain situation in the workplace. If you have been fired, or if your employer has cut your pay or your hours for no reason, you need to speak with a lawyer.

4. You have been wrongfully terminated

There are many reasons why someone might get fired, but if you feel like you have been wrongfully terminated, an employment lawyer will help you figure out whether your employer has violated any labour and employment laws. An employment lawyer could save your job.

5. You think you are not receiving a fair compensation

Most employees who have been terminated without cause are entitled to receive either a notice of termination, or a severance package. If you feel like the severance package offered to you by your employer is unfair, don’t accept it before speaking with an employment lawyer.

6. You are unable to come to an agreement

If you have been trying to resolve a workplace issue with your employer or with HR, but you have been unable to come to a reasonable agreement with them, you might have no other choice but to seek the legal advice of an employment lawyer.

7. You need to act quickly

Lawsuits are regulated by certain time limitations. If your employer is aware of these limitations, they might want to delay their decisions and actions until your time has run out. Speak with an employment lawyer to make sure your rights are protected as soon and as well as possible.

8. You would like to resolve an issue out of court

Employment lawyers are often able to resolve workplace issues out of court. In fact, simply mentioning that you are thinking about hiring an employment lawyer might be enough to resolve some situations. If nothing else, an employment lawyer will recommend you the best solution and will provide you with helpful legal advice.