4 Most Important Qualities of a Daycare Provider

Your child is obvious your pride and joy so when it comes to hiring a daycare provider, you want to guarantee that he or she will be well cared for. Whether you are considering a daycare centre or a home-based provider, there are certain things you can look for to make sure that your child is in good hands. While there are additional things that are important to look at, below are the most important things when hiring a child care provider and will guarantee that your child receives the level of care they need and deserve.

1. Licensed

It is true that daycare providers do not have to be licensed or affiliated with a daycare company, but hiring a provider that is will guarantee a higher quality of care for your child. Being a licensed provider also means that certain health and safety standards need to be met and oversight is usually given by the company usually in the form of monthly inspections. Daycares that are licensed also put a limit on how many children are permitted so you can rest assured that the provider is not watching too many children and your son or daughter will get the attention and care they need. Usually a licensed daycare will have a certificate in plain sight at the entrance confirming that they are licensed. If it is not present, ask to see it at your initial visit.

2. Good reputation

You want to send your child to a daycare that is friendly and will nurture your child as he or she learns and grows. Before hiring the daycare provider, ask for recommendations from friends and family. Ask who provided care for their child, if their child enjoyed their time there, and if they were happy with the care. Friends and family will be honest with you so if they do not give positive feedback about a specific provider, you can steer clear of that one. Ask the company itself for references from past and present clients. Parents take the topic of daycare for their child very seriously so they will be honest as well. If they speak highly of the care offered you can probably move forward and sign your child up for care with that provider.

3. Stimulating

While in daycare, your child is in the midst of some of the most important years of their life as their brain continues to develop, they become more social, and they learn new things. As a result, you definitely do not want a daycare provider who just drops your child in front of the television for the day. A good daycare provider will promote learning and development through books and activities such as art, music, and outdoor play. Educational toys should be offered and television programs and films that are informative should be shown. Activities should promote interactions between children so they can learn adequate social skills. Before hiring the provider, ask for a weekly schedule to ensure activities that will stimulate your child are present.

4. Caring staff

Anyone can obtain a license to be a daycare provider if they take the proper steps, but being a caring provider is another story. Before hiring a daycare provider, attend for an on-site visit so you can see the daily operations and how the provider interacts with the children. A good provider will be energetic, enthusiastic, and able to gently correct behaviour without being mean or excessively stern. The provider should also promote important principles regarding sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity. In order to be licensed, it is a requirement that all providers are trained in CPR and first aid which will allow your child to be properly cared for in the case of an emergency.