8 Instances When The Faith in Humanity Was Restored!

Helping others doesn’t have to mean grandiose gestures of donating to huge charities. Sometimes, it is the kindness of friends, family and the occasional stranger that gets you through the day. Cbmcanada.org tells you about real life stories of unexpected help.

1. Food Angel

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After her mother’s divorce, they had no income and no means of purchasing food, Jamie recounts. But someone would leave boxes of food outside their home. That truly saved their lives.

2. Seven Miles

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When Clarence locked the keys to their only car inside, they had no means of getting home. But a kind teenager rode his bike seven miles up and down to retrieve them. He did not even accept a reward.

3. Kind Neighbor

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When Patricia’s husband was serving overseas and she was stretched thin managing a job, the house and a toddler, her neighbor, a retired officer cooked her food because he had noticed how overworked she was. It was the best meal she had eaten in weeks.

4. Breaking Bread

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Liliana was all set to dig in to her everything bagel when she noticed an elderly man outside on bus stop. Knowing he did not have the means to purchase food, Liliana offered her own food to the man. Her kindness was repaid when another customer shared their food with her.

5. Blizzard Saviour

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While driving through a blizzard, Marilyn noticed someone following her. The situation frightened her even more when her tire blew. Luckily man in the car behind her had noticed her tire situation and was following only to help out.

6. PS I Remember You

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When Jerilyn lost her husband unexpectedly, she spiraled into depression. But her co-worker kept her alive. She would send the young widow a card every day with innocuous but nice messages that helped Jerilyn cope.

7. Kind Motorcycle Gang

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When Zena lost her blanket while on a trip to the Grand Canyon she was devastated. But luckily for her a kind group of motorcyclists found it for her and brought it back. She was seven.

8. Food for The Heroes

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When two firefighters were called away just as they were about to order, a couple decided to give them the food they had just received and reorder. In another sweet gesture, the manager refused to take their money after their kind act.