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5 Luxuries You Can Enjoy in a Furnished Apartment

You are an entrepreneur who is always on business trips. Or you are with a common-interest group attending a conference in town. Maybe you have decided you want to explore the region while staying in a short term rental property. In all these situations, you

6 Design Ideas for Your Next House Construction Project

Choosing a sustainable design for your prefabricated building is just common sense: it reduces your impact on the environment, allows you to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and enables you to save money on power costs. With today’s technology, the

7 Interesting Facts About Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation is a helpful technology that can make it easy for people to find their way inside a mall or a hospital, but it has many other uses. Here are 7 interesting facts about indoor navigation.   📌 1. GPS signals are not working

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Cleaning Services

Are you having trouble finding the right office cleaning service for your business? You want your employees to walk into an environment that is welcoming, hospitable, and professional during the workweek. A lot of this has to do with atmosphere. When an environment is clean,

3 Factors That Say More About Your Health Than Your Weight

Our culture is obsessed with the idea that “fat” means “unhealthy” and “thin” means “healthy”. We’re also fed the idea that “fat” and “thin” mean the same things for everyone, but the true relationship between weight and health is a lot more complicated than that.

5 Ways to Launch the Best Email Campaign

You have finally dismissed all of the naysayers who have pontificated that email is dead. For so long they have argued that the 1990s are over, “you’ve got mail” is no longer a thing and that people aren’t checking their email anymore. But you have

5 Food Safety Risks to Avoid in Your Kitchen

Food safety has never been as important for restaurants as it is today. Let’s face it: when you see a conditional pass rating on the front door decal, you are less likely to walk in and order a steak. So, you have received a visit