Stay Away: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Less Enticing for Burglars

Most home invasions aren’t just random incidents. Criminals spend time sourcing out houses that look most promising to rob. In addition to your home alarm systems, there are some measures you can take to make your home less enticing to criminals.

1. Make An Investment In Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are an excellent way to invest in your home’s security. Deadbolt locks prevent doors from being forced open. Only turning a knob or key can move a deadbolt lock. They play a significant role in reducing forced entry to your home.

Make sure your deadbolt lock is at least one inch in diameter and made of hardened steel. The lock shouldn’t have any exposed screw heads, and the collar must be properly tapered. Installing this customized locking system prevents people from using crowbars, knives and other tools to open your door.

When it comes to locks, it’s also important to make sure all sliding doors in your home are properly secured. Sliding doors are a common point of entry since the locks are so flimsy. Make sure your alarm is connected to your sliding doors and that you have a solid lock securing them.

2. Consider Getting A Guard Dog

If you’re willing to accept the responsibility of having a dog, they make a great addition to your home security plan. With training, your dog can alert you to strange faces and noises as they happen.

Dogs make way too much noise for any robbery attempt to be successful. Criminals know this and tend to avoid homes with dogs. Even a beware of dog sign is a useful deterrent.

It’s important to remember that a guard dog isn’t a substitute for an alarm system. Dogs can’t alert the authorities like your alarm system does when there’s a break-in. Dogs are a good way to deter burglars from coming to your home in the first place and alert you of odd noises.

3. Take Care Of Your Yard

Although it may seem unrelated, the condition of your yard impacts how criminals perceive your home. If you have wires sticking out and junk all over the place then criminals are going to feel optimistic about their chances. Sometimes they specifically look for loose wires they can pull to disable systems inside your home.

Keeping your lawn clean and organized is also a deterrent to burglars. Messy yards with lots of untrimmed bushes and vines provide excellent natural hiding places. Criminals know that a well-maintained yard probably means a well protected home.

4. If You Have A Safe, Invest In A Decoy

If you decide to keep your valuables in a safe, then it’s a good idea also to get a decoy. Burglars won’t waste time trying to open the safe at the robbery; they’ll just take with them and open it at their leisure. A safe is too simple of a hiding spot, even if it’s hard to open. Leave your fake safe in a somewhat obvious hiding place and go to great measures to hide your real safe.

Another tip when it comes to using a safe is making an effort to get regular maintenance. The mechanical components that make a safe work are known to break down without routine maintenance. Taking care of your safes prevents you from being in situations where you can’t access your valuables.

Combining these tips with an alarm system is an excellent way to reinforce your home’s defences. Simply taking preemptive action is the best way to prevent robberies. Instead of leaving it up to chance you can control some factors that contribute to making your property a target.