6 Different Types of Vaccum Cleaners to Use

Vacuum cleaners play a considerable role in keeping our homes free of dust. They come in different shapes and sizes, each ideally suited for a specific type of cleaning. Below are some different types of vacuum cleaners you will find in the market today.

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These are some of the most common vacuums and are readily available in most stores. They have powerful suction and can tilt when pushed to give you easy control when changing the cleaner’s direction and speed.

For a quality vacuum cleaner that does a thorough job on virtually any type of hardwood floors and carpets, the upright vacuum cleaner is the one you should buy. It comes in bagged and bagless options that can be adjusted to the different carpet heights.

This way, you can vacuum one room after another without having to switch the cleaner off to customize it for a particular room. The best upright vacuum cleaners are those that can be plugged into a wall, but there are a few cordless ones that do not last very long.

2. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

These are small, cordless but highly powerful cleaners. They are designed for easy pick-up and movement to the area that needs vacuuming. If you need more power, go for the corded models, but it will limit the reach of the vacuum unless you keep moving from one plug station to another.

These types of vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning up dirt piles or minor messes such as those found on furniture, upholstery, and the floor. You can also use a handheld vacuum, especially those that come with an adapter, to keep your car clean.

3. The Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners feature a storage tank that connects to a sucker via a long hose. They are accompanied with various attachments, which you can swap easily to reach tight areas, hence maximizing your cleaning routine. As long as you keep changing the attachments to correspond with the task at hand, canister vacuums are perfect for a variety of surfaces.

You can stretch a canister cleaner to reach every nook and cranny in your home. You can use it to clean ceiling corners, drapes, carpets, hardwood, and walls. Their long hoses also enable them to easily clean stairs and can reach quite a distance before requiring you to move the canister.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

These are incredibly slim and light. These types of vacuum cleaners are ideal for people who are not strong enough to use a canister or an upright vacuum. They use a rotating brush and a light suction to pull and whip debris and dust into a bin or bag. Their low profile heads can be maneuvered easily on furniture. They are, therefore, ideal for a home with many furniture that requires regular vacuuming.

Stick vacuum cleaners are also suitable for taking care of light dust and minor messes. You can use them to clean under tables after dinner, and generally to keep a usually clean house even cleaner. They are, however, not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning since they have weak suction.

5. Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

A backpack vacuum is a powerful, easy to move cleaner that is ideal for different rooms in your home. The ability to quickly move from one location to another helps you save time, especially if you are vacuuming a big house that needs cleaning regularly.

Since the vacuum is strapped to your back, you can work your way from one location, room after room, to another. Besides, you can easily climb up the stairs, cleaning as you go up or down. They are perfect for cleaning hardwood floors, but they are not suited for flush carpets.

Backpack vacuums can, however, cause or exacerbate back problems and can make you feel extremely hot since you have to carry them on your back. Besides, since they are bulky, you can easily bump into walls, tables and lamps as you clean, and they are not easy to manoeuvre in small spaces.

6. Central Vacuums

With a central vacuum cleaner, the only thing you have to move around is the hose. You can plug the vacuum into a wall outlet to access a powerful suction that makes it possible for you to clean throughout your home. They feature a powerful unit located in the garage or basement. The unit provides all the suction you need to vacuum the entire home.

The outlets are fitted along the wall’s bottom throughout the house. This means you don’t have to worry about pulling a cord or fret over where to plug into. After vacuuming, dirt is stored in a big bin that should be emptied regularly, but not necessarily after every cleaning. Although they are expensive to install, they are ideal for large homes, especially if the house has a lot of pet hair, and can remove large amounts of dust.

Other types of vacuum cleaners include robot vacuums that are remotely controlled, wet/ dry cleaners that are ideal for extensive dirt and spills, the carpet sweeper, among many others.