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5 Unsolved Bone Chilling Murder Mysteries

A crime is a crime till it has been priven. Similarly, the punishment can only be given to the culprit if there is any kind of judgement involved. These are 5 unsolved murder mysteries where culprits were never caught.. 1. Grimes sister murder mystery This story

Most Amazing Body Transformations of Celebrities

We love celebrities..don’t we? We love everything they do because whatever they do, it is larger than life and we love it about them. Body transformation is one of the regular things celebrities have to do if they have intentions to survive in the game.

10 Funniest Text Conversations You’ll Read Today

How often do you text you friends, family, relatives? Quite often right? Do you have a sense of humor while texting someone? I’m pretty sure that after reading these funny text conversations, your sense of humor will evolve a bit: 1. Nice trick to remember